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We've created a whole new way of learning - shorter, bite size courses, which lead to small micro credential qualifications (differing types of badges); to prove your successful completion of a course.

For $29.95 a month you can access a huge variety of courses -most taking 3-4 hours or less to complete.


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Sell our ebooks and short courses.

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New Short Course Site

By ACS Bookshop on August 31, 2016 in Education and Training | comments

We have launched a new short courses web site.


We've just launched a whole new way of learning.

After 2 years in development, we have created new course delivery software, and a new way of studying through very flexible, "bite sized" courses.

Study these as a foundation for starting a business or exploring a new area of interest; or take them for professional development, to help your career or employment prospects.