Terms & Conditions


Note: By making an online purchase with ACS you are entering an agreement to abide with and follow the terms laid by ACS.


  • You have a 48 hour period prior to commencement of studies, in which you may apply in writing for a full refund without showing cause. This does not apply if your browsing pattern indicates you’ve begun the course.
  • If granted, it is liable to a $75 administration fee, debited from the total amount of the fees paid
  • Any refund request made after the 48 hour time frame, must justify the reasoning for said request. This reasoning will be considered by ACS, only in exceptional circumstances. Any refund request is fully at the discretion of ACS.
  • If your request is denied, no compensation will be issued, and no administration fee will be charged.


  • A 7 Day grace period is applicable for accidental purchases only. If your browsing habits indicate the purchase was intentional (within the 7 day period), then you can be denied compensation.
  • Anything following the 7 day period is not considered.