Want to sell our Ebook and courses?

ACS has been developing and delivering distance education since 1979 and online education since 1993. We began developing a licensing program around 2005 and now have an “affiliates system” that provides courses and much more to a small group of very profitable colleges across the world.
With a quality, tried and proven system in place, we now have the capacity to seriously scale up.
We are keen to engage with anyone who has the same passion for education that we do, and the capacity to build a college that delivers our courses
This is a unique business opportunity

We supply:

  • Hundreds of online courses and ebooks
  • Systems to automatically update product
  • Course delivery software
  • Web site (optional)
  • Support teams in the UK & Australia

Timing has never been better – Mainstream education has been increasingly disrupted by reduced public funding and increasing bureaucracy; leading to closures of up to 50% of mainstream institutions in UK & Australia -

Our products and services rival some of the biggest distance education colleges in the world; organisations that generate hundreds of thousands of enrolments a year.

What We Look For in a New Affiliate?
After a decade of both successful and unsuccessful affiliation experiences; we know what it takes to make an affiliation work for all parties – us, the affiliate, and the students.
Money - some money is needed but alone, money does not make success. We’ve had very successful affiliates with as little as $10,000 initial investment; and others who have invested much more and failed.
Time – successful affiliates always make a strong commitment of time for as long as it takes to establish a viable business, rarely less than 3 or 4 months, often longer.
Ethics – Our ACS network has built a reputation for ethical operation and quality service. In education, that reputation is key to selling courses, and there is no place for those who can’t work that way.
Passion – Everyone in our team is passionate about education; and we expect the same sort of passion in anyone who joins our network. 

We’ve encountered all the big problems you are likely to face; and our business model & services are designed to deliver time & money saving solutions across the board. For example: If you need a tutor we provide exclusive access to a tutor register with over 100 vetted academics looking for work. If you still can’t find one, our own staff can provide temporary services to get assignments marked at short notice.
Our staff are accessible to advise your staff on everything from marketing to delivering services. We can provide procedural documentation, staff training videos etc 

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