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As childhood fades and adulthood approaches, young teens go through many significant and sometimes dramatic changes in their psychology and physical development. Adolescence is very much a formative time. The cognitive and physical changes teens undergo can shape the way they transform into adults.

Grieving is a perfectly normal, and healthy response; to loss in ones life. This is commonly loss of a loved one; but it can also be loss of something else (eg. your home, health or job).

 Some types of grief are not as normal as others though; and understanding the type of grief is the first step toward getting past it.

Read on to find out about abnormal grief.

Some people have a natural tendency to be attentive listeners; and others need to work hard to be good at listening.

Listening skills are however a critical part of communication. If you don't hear and understand what someone says, you are never going to properly communicate with them.


One of the biggest challenge for any business owner or manager is to not only get appropriate applicants for a job; but to decide which of those applicants is the best one to assign that job to.

This task can be made easier if the manager has a better understanding of personality and occupational psychology.

It can be made even easier with the application of some psychological testing.

Drugs, legal and illegal are a serious issue in modern society. They destroy lives, damage the economy and impact on more people than just those who use them.
All sorts of professionals from health workers and youth workers to pharmacists, school teachers and counselors; can and probably will, encounter drug problems in their work; if not sooner, almost definitely later.

Here at ACS, our psychologists and health experts have developed a great short course, tailor made to train any of these professionals (or anyone else), who needs to know how to better deal with and help people who have a drug problem.