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One of the biggest challenge for any business owner or manager is to not only get appropriate applicants for a job; but to decide which of those applicants is the best one to assign that job to.

This task can be made easier if the manager has a better understanding of personality and occupational psychology.

It can be made even easier with the application of some psychological testing.


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After 2 years in development, we have created new course delivery software, and a new way of studying through very flexible, "bite sized" courses.

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5 Essential Writing Tips

1/ Focus on the message.

It is essential to have a clear focus on the information that you want to convey. When writing is verbose (too wordy), the reader will find it more difficult to focus on the key facts.


Employer Compatibility

By ACS Bookshop on August 7, 2014 in Business & Careers and Jobs | comments

Some people can fit a job well; but they also need to fit the organisation.

Every organisation is different in the way it operates.


  • An employee who works best when given freedom to shine; and hates being under close supervision
  • Another employee who is meticulous and most effective when given well defined instructions to follow

Some employers can be control freaks; running their organisation rigidly according to highly structured procedures; but other bosses can be free spirits, adopting what may seem a completely opposite approach to management. What might happen if either employee worked under an incompatible employer?

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