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Do you need some business advice? From Starting a Business, to saving a business, we have hints and tips for all kinds of business. We have experience in running small businesses, with many years experience in running small businesses.

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One of the biggest challenge for any business owner or manager is to not only get appropriate applicants for a job; but to decide which of those applicants is the best one to assign that job to.

This task can be made easier if the manager has a better understanding of personality and occupational psychology.

It can be made even easier with the application of some psychological testing.


We've just launched a whole new way of learning.

After 2 years in development, we have created new course delivery software, and a new way of studying through very flexible, "bite sized" courses.

Study these as a foundation for starting a business or exploring a new area of interest; or take them for professional development, to help your career or employment prospects.
5 Essential Writing Tips

1/ Focus on the message.

It is essential to have a clear focus on the information that you want to convey. When writing is verbose (too wordy), the reader will find it more difficult to focus on the key facts.