We've just launched a whole new way of learning.

After 2 years in development, we have created new course delivery software, and a new way of studying through very flexible, "bite sized" courses.

These courses are packed with information about the subject; with lots of colour illustration and interactive tests scattered throughout.

They involve far more than just reading, challenging you with things to think about and consider, research and observe in real life.  They present you with lots of things to do, some which may involve staying connected to the internet and your computer; but many others that involve moving away from the computer, and perhaps away from your home or office.

Over the period of your studies you are sometimes encountering the same facts and ideas in varied contexts; which helps to deepen and strengthen your understanding of those things and your ability to apply those things in real life situations.

The first four courses available are:

  • Small Business Startup
  • Managing Events
  • Planting What Where
  • Medicinal Herbs

Others in preparation being release over the next few of months include:

  • Designing Gardens
  • Fruit & Vegetable Growing
  • Dog Care
  • Feeding Animals
  • Plant Pests and Diseases
  • Drug and Addiction Counselling

See more or enrol in one of these courses at: