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What are leisure facilities?

Also called recreation facilities, leisure facilities are simply facilities that are used for leisure activities, from tennis and golf clubs through to a full-service resort. Leisure facilities come in a variety of sizes and can be either private or public.

When learning about language and medical terminology, remember that words contain patterns.  The more you read and become familiar with medical terminology, the easier it will be to understand and use the terms. While many words are clear derivatives of a set term, others do not always follow the same patterns..

How bones are formed

By ACS Bookshop on December 12, 2022 in Health and Fitness | comments
Bones begin life as cartilage. As a baby develops in their mother's womb, the skeletal system becomes organised into a framework of cartilage. Before birth, there is a certain amount of hardening of the limb bones to allow some mammals to stand shortly after delivery. However, the greater part of the skeleton is cartilaginous at birth. 

Grieving is a perfectly normal, and healthy response; to loss in ones life. This is commonly loss of a loved one; but it can also be loss of something else (eg. your home, health or job).

 Some types of grief are not as normal as others though; and understanding the type of grief is the first step toward getting past it.

Read on to find out about abnormal grief.

How do you store milk, cheese or any other dairy products?

These foods are an important source of protein, but they can also become contaminated and spoiled very easily if not stored properly.

If you serve a platter of cheese, is it OK to leave it out for hours in a warm place while your guests continue to nibble?

Improper handling of dairy foods can lead to people getting sick; or food losing its use.