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Grieving is a perfectly normal, and healthy response; to loss in ones life. This is commonly loss of a loved one; but it can also be loss of something else (eg. your home, health or job).

 Some types of grief are not as normal as others though; and understanding the type of grief is the first step toward getting past it.

Read on to find out about abnormal grief.

How do you store milk, cheese or any other dairy products?

These foods are an important source of protein, but they can also become contaminated and spoiled very easily if not stored properly.

If you serve a platter of cheese, is it OK to leave it out for hours in a warm place while your guests continue to nibble?

Improper handling of dairy foods can lead to people getting sick; or food losing its use.

Drugs, legal and illegal are a serious issue in modern society. They destroy lives, damage the economy and impact on more people than just those who use them.
All sorts of professionals from health workers and youth workers to pharmacists, school teachers and counselors; can and probably will, encounter drug problems in their work; if not sooner, almost definitely later.

Here at ACS, our psychologists and health experts have developed a great short course, tailor made to train any of these professionals (or anyone else), who needs to know how to better deal with and help people who have a drug problem.

In support of Mental Health Week this week, we thought that we would put some tips together that may help to overcome negative thoughts.
There are many techniques for overcoming negative thoughts associated with negative emotions.
Some other helpful techniques could include the following:


Mindfulness is a way of paying greater attention to the present. It encourages people to live in the moment and not worry about what has happened or what could happen.