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Articles and book extracts on Human Food and Nutrition, written by staff of ACS Distance Education.

Citrus oil can be extracted by either cold pressing or distillation methods. 

The type of citrus used and the method of extraction can impact considerably on the character and quality of the final product.



Growing the common mushroom is relatively easy for the amateur gardener.

If you want to grow mushrooms efficiently with a high level of productivity and on a commercial scale though; it takes a fairly high level of sophistication.


Click through to see the four basic stages of growing mushrooms; in a small extract taken from an ebook written by our staff -a unique and valuable resource for anyone who is serious about mushroom cultivation.




How do you store milk, cheese or any other dairy products?

These foods are an important source of protein, but they can also become contaminated and spoiled very easily if not stored properly.

If you serve a platter of cheese, is it OK to leave it out for hours in a warm place while your guests continue to nibble?

Improper handling of dairy foods can lead to people getting sick; or food losing its use.


Strawberries taste great, but unless you harvest, handle and store them correctly, they can deteriorate fast.

Whether growing them for your own use or to sell; it's really important to know what you are doing, and do it properly when you first pick a crop.


Bees and Bee Keeping

By ACS Bookshop on March 10, 2016 in Agriculture & Food and Nutrition | comments

Keeping bees has a lot going for it.

Read these extracts from a book we are currently writing on bees and honey.