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Farming Sheep

By ACS Bookshop on December 12, 2019 in Agriculture | comments

The success of any sheep will depend mostly on the suitability of the breed selected and, of course, the husbandry skills and knowledge of the farmer.

Sheep breeds differ greatly. Understanding this is the foundation for a thriving enterprise in sheep farming. Husbandry skills can be learned, however there are basic initial considerations for those entering or expanding any sheep farming enterprise:hweep

Is there enough space available for the numbers you want to run?
Is the pasture green and the ground not overly moist? 
Is grazing land cleared - free of shrubs, poisonous weeds or plants? 
Is there access to holding sheds and pens to protect vulnerable lambs, and sick or injured animals? 
Is the land securely fenced to keep the sheep in and predators out? 
Do you have sufficient time, skills and resources needed to care for the sheep effectively? 
Can you financially afford the associated services such as shearing or veterinarian services? 


Read more - click for an extract from our Sheep Breeds ebook - or buy the book.


We've developed a new micro course on managing the soil biome.

This is a rapidly growing field of study - critical to agriculture, horticulture and environmental management.

Soil microorganisms were previously "out of sight -out of mind" ....but we are now understanding that they are critical to plant growth, control of carbon emissions, soil stability, and so much more.



Aquaponics is the ultimate system for home food production.

In a small space, you can grow both vegetables, fruit, herbs and edible fish.

It can be as simple or complex, and as small or large as you want


Growing Corn

By ACS Bookshop on January 18, 2018 in Agriculture | comments

Corn is one of those plants most of us know, and eat in one form or  another. It is often grown in a home garden, but more importantly it is a major, significantly important crop. Farming grain crops like corn, or other broad acre crops like cotton or sunflower (grown for oil), is  part of a sector of agriculture called "agronomy".

We have developed both courses and ebooks that can help you learn more about agronomy, if that is your area of interest. If so, just ask for advice and we can help.


Animal Parenting Behaviour

By ACS Bookshop on December 16, 2016 in Agriculture & Pets | comments

Learn how animals behave, and how they interact with each other.

Parenting behaviours are one part of this.