Food Preserving

By ACS Distance Education on December 5, 2013 in General | comments
In the past food preservation was a thing of necessity - preserving crops while they were plentiful to last over cooler months when fresh produce was sparse. Through preservation, new tastes were created, adding interesting flavours and textures to traditional meals.

Over the years, produce and condiments have become readily available from the supermarket, so naturally we became less reliant on using preservation techniques. Now, however, as we are becoming more conscious consumers, more and more people are turning back to "home-made". We are  realising the satisfaction of creating our own food, seeing the value of reducing food wastage through preservation,and taking the power into our own hands to control what goes into our food (no additives, preservatives etc).

Have you tried making your own preserves? Why not give it a try...

Here is a delicious recipe for Strawberry Jam: