8 Tips to communicate more effectively in personal relationships:

Communication and joint problem solving are paramount to successful relationships and no more so than in personal relationships. Some strategies to improve communication include:
1/ Be diplomatic - always remain open to communication and negotiation.
2/ Make sure you know what you wish to communicate - if you want your partner to understand, be clear in your own mind.
3/ Try not to blame your partner for problems - accusations are unhelpful.
4/ Offer support and encouragement.
5/ Use phrases like “I feel...”, “I would like...” - instead of statements about your partner.
6/ Listen to what your partner says - hear them out and do not interrupt.
7/ Find a time to talk about relationship issues when you can have their full attention without other disturbances.
8/ Ask your partner to confirm that you have understood them correctly rather than attacking them for what you think they have said.


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