5 Essential Writing Tips:

1/ Focus on the message

It is essential to have a clear focus on the information that you want to convey. When writing is verbose (too wordy), the reader will find it more difficult to focus on the key facts.


2/ Be self-critical

Learn to step outside your own natural perspective to look at your work as others might. Imagine who might read your work, and consider how you might target different people in your audience. When writing for popular newspapers and magazines, you will write for a great range of people, from uneducated people, to highly qualified academics. Your content can remain complex, but if you want all these readers to understand you, the delivery must be as simple and uncomplicated as possible.


3/ Get to the point

If you have a choice, always use simpler words with fewer letters and fewer syllables.


4/ Keep it short and simple

If you have a choice, always write shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs.


5/ Get the facts straight

Where possible: present factual information in tables or in point form, this allows complex or many facts, to be grasped more readily and can easily be understood.


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