When learning about language and medical terminology, remember that words contain patterns.  The more you read and become familiar with medical terminology, the easier it will be to understand and use the terms. While many words are clear derivatives of a set term, others do not always follow the same patterns..

How bones are formed

By ACS Bookshop on December 12, 2022 in Health and Fitness | comments
Bones begin life as cartilage. As a baby develops in their mother's womb, the skeletal system becomes organised into a framework of cartilage. Before birth, there is a certain amount of hardening of the limb bones to allow some mammals to stand shortly after delivery. However, the greater part of the skeleton is cartilaginous at birth. 
As childhood fades and adulthood approaches, young teens go through many significant and sometimes dramatic changes in their psychology and physical development. Adolescence is very much a formative time. The cognitive and physical changes teens undergo can shape the way they transform into adults.