Farming Sheep

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The success of any sheep will depend mostly on the suitability of the breed selected and, of course, the husbandry skills and knowledge of the farmer.

Sheep breeds differ greatly. Understanding this is the foundation for a thriving enterprise in sheep farming. Husbandry skills can be learned, however there are basic initial considerations for those entering or expanding any sheep farming enterprise:hweep

Is there enough space available for the numbers you want to run?
Is the pasture green and the ground not overly moist? 
Is grazing land cleared - free of shrubs, poisonous weeds or plants? 
Is there access to holding sheds and pens to protect vulnerable lambs, and sick or injured animals? 
Is the land securely fenced to keep the sheep in and predators out? 
Do you have sufficient time, skills and resources needed to care for the sheep effectively? 
Can you financially afford the associated services such as shearing or veterinarian services? 


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