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The Psychology of Health

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by Pitts and Phillips   
Publisher: Routlege

Table of Contents

Part 1. Mental Models of Health and Illness. D. Meyer, H. Leventhal, M. Guttman, Common-sense Models of Illness: The Example of Hypertension. M. Gerrard, F.X. Gibbons, A.C. Benthin, R.M. Hessling, A Longitudinal Study of the Reciprocal Nature of Risk Behaviors and Risk Cognitions in Adolescents: What You Do Shapes What You Think and Vice Versa. N.D.
Weinstein, Testing Four Competing Theories of Health-protective Behavior.

Part 2. Health
Beliefs and Health Behavior. N.D. Weinstein, A.J. Rothman, S.R. Sutton, Stage Theories of Health Behavior: Conceptual and Methodological Issues. J.O. Prochaska, C.C. DiClemente, J.C. Norcross, In Search of How People Change: Applications to Addictive Behaviors. F.X. Gibbons, M. Gerrard, H. Blanton, D.W. Russell, Reasoned Action and Social Reaction: Willingness and Intention as Independent Predictors of Health Risk.

Part 3. Health
Information Processing. P.H. Ditto, R.T. Croyle, Understanding the Impact of Risk Factor Test Results: Insights from a Basic Research Program. A. Liberman, S. Chaiken, Defensive Processing of Personally Relevant Health Messages. T.K. MacDonald, G.T. Fong, M.P. Zanna, A.M. Martineau, Alcohol Myopia and Condom Use: Can Alcohol Intoxication be Associated with More Prudent Behavior?

Part 4. Social Influence and Health and
Illness: Social Comparison and Social Norms. J.V. Wood, S.E. Taylor, R.R. Lichtman, Social Comparison in Adjustment to Breast Cancer. F.X. Gibbons, M. Gerrard, Predicting Young Adults' Health Risk Behavior. D.A. Prentice, D.T. Miller, Pluralistic Ignorance and Alcohol Use on Campus: Some Consequences of Misperceiving the Social Norm. J.A. Kulik, H.I.M. Mahler, P.J. Moore, Social Comparison and Affiliation under Threat: Effects on Recovery from Major Surgery.

Part 5. Social Support
and Health and Illness. J.S. House, K.R. Landis, D. Umberson, Social Relationships and Health. S. Cohen, Psychosocial Models of the Role of Social Support in the Etiology of Physical Disease.

Part 6. Changing Behavior.
N.D. Weinstein, J.E. Lyon, P.M. Sandman, C.L. Cuite, Experimental Evidence for Stages of Health Behavior Change: The Precaution Adoption Process Model Applied to Home Radon Testing. A.J. Rothman, P. Salovey, C. Turvey, S.A. Fishkin, Attributions of Responsibility and Persuasion: Increasing Mammography Utilization among Women over Forty with an Internally Oriented Message. J. Stone, E. Aronson, A.L. Crain, M.P. Winslow, C.B. Fried, Inducing Hypocrisy as a Means of Encouraging Young Adults to Use Condoms. A.J. Rothman, S.C. Martino, B.T. Bedell, J.B. Detweiler, P. Salovey, The Systematic Influence of Gain- and Loss-framed Messages on Interest in and Use of Different Types of Health Behavior.
Part 7. Personality and Health. H.S. Freidman, S. Booth-Kewley, The 'Disease-prone Personality'. T.W. Smith, Hostility and Health: Current Status of a Psychosomatic Hypothesis. M.F. Scheier, K.A. Matthews, J.F. Owens, G.J. Magovern, Sr., R.C. Lefebvre, R.A. Abbott, C.S. Carver, Dispositional Optimism and Recovery from Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: The Beneficial Effect on Physical and Psychological Well-being. J.W. Pennebaker, Writing about Emotional Experiences as a Therapeutic Process.

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The Psychology of Health The Psychology of Health
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