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Herbal Harvest, 3rd Edition

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Commercial Organic Production of quality dried herbs, including information on the state of the herb industry, site selection, climate, irrigation, weed management, propagation, trial plots, composting and more.

Information presented includes:
1 Introduction
2 A Brief Outline
3 Making a Start
4 Weed Management and Control
5 Propagation and Planting
6 Herb Growth Types
7 Compost
8 Irrigation
9 Pests and Diseases
10 Biodynamic Aspects
11 Harvetsing
12 Drying
13 Processing
14 Marketing and the Economics of Herb Growing
15 Spreading Herbs
16 Expanding Clump Herbs
17 Perennial Crown Herbs
18 Woody Perennials
19 Trees and Shrubs
20 Annuals, Biennials and Short-lived Perennials
21 Wildcrafting and Weed Harvesting
22 Information Charts

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Herbal Harvest, 3rd Edition Herbal Harvest, 3rd Edition
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