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Vertebrate Life, Eighth Edition

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Publisher: Pearson International Ltd.

International Edition textbook, including detailed information on Vertebrates, including Fishes, Amphibians, Turtles, Lepidosaurs, Archosaurs and Mammals. Many figures, drawings and tables included.

1 Vertebrate Diversity, Function and Evolution
The Diversity, Classification and Evolution of Vertebrates
Vertebrate Relationships and Basic Structure
Early Vertebrates: Jawless Vertebrates and the Origin of Jawed Vertebrates

2 Non-Amniotic Vertebrates: Fishes and Amphibians
Living in Water
Radiation of the Chondrichthyes
Dominating Life in Water: The major Radiation of Fishes
Geography and Ecology of the Paleozoic
Living on Land
Origin and Radiation of Tetrapods
Salamanders, Anurans and Caecilians

3 Sauropsida: Turtles, Lepidosaurs, and Archosaurs
Synapsida and Sauropods: Two Approaches to Terrestrial Life
The Lepidosaurs: Tuatara, Lizards, and Snakes
Ectothermy: A Low-Cost Approach to Life
Geography and Ecology of the Mesozoic
Mesozoic Diapsids: Dinosaurs, Crocodilians, and Birds
Avian Specialisations

4 Synapsida: The Manmmals
The Synapsida and the Evolution of Mammals
Geography and Ecology of the Cenozoic
Mammalian Characteristics and Diversity
Mammalian Specializations
Endothermy: A High-Energy Approach to life
Body Size, Ecology, and Sociality of Mammals
Primate Evolution and the Emergence of Humans
The Impact of Humans on Other Species of Vertebrates

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Vertebrate Life, Eighth Edition Vertebrate Life, Eighth Edition
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