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The new complete book of Self Sufficiency.

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"It is time to cut out what we do not need so we can live more simply and happily.  Good food, comfortable clothes, serviceable housing, and true culture - those are the things that matter." John Seymour

In This Edition
Now expanded to include over 100 extra pages on "food from the garden", this enduring classic is still the key reference to living off the land.  Packed with practical information, tried-and-tested tips, and invaluable nuggets of advice, Seymour's visionary handbook explains how to reap the harvest, respect the land, stay health and waste nothing.

The Good Life
In the first chapters of this book, you'll find out how to prepare land for crops, grow vegetables and fruit, rear livestock, and forage in the wild.  Grow your own tomatoes, feast on freshly picked fungi, keep bees for honey, make dairy from the milk of your own cow, - to whatever extend you want to live the self-sufficient life, all the information you need is here.

Traditional Skills
Learn to store your harvest properly and bake bread, make jam and brew beer to keep you in good supply through the less fertile months.  Discover time-tested ways of generating power from wind, sun and water.  This is an inspiring reference for anyone interested in pursuing the dream of self sufficiency.

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The new complete book of Self Sufficiency. The new complete book of Self Sufficiency.
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