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Sheep are one of the most widely farmed animals. There are over 10,000 different breeds; bred to suit different conditions and for different production purposes. Some are more suited to wool production than meat, and others better suited for meat than wool. Some have been bred for dairy. Some breeds are adapted snow, some arid climates; some to flat ground and others to steep mountainous terrain.

This book helps you to understand  the great diversity found across many breeds of sheep, and gives you a broad overview of most of the breeds commonly raised across the world today; and also some of the less common ones.


ISBN: 978-0-6483232-8-0

Pages: 85



John Mason

Jade Sciacia

Kara Wight
BSc (Zool), HND (Animal Care)

Peta Jinnath Abdul

Dr Maria L. Schmitz Fontes
PhD, MSc, BA Hons

Jacinda Cole
B.Sc., M.Psych.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Domesticated Sheep in Human History
Types of Sheep
Ovis aries
Ovis canedensis
Ovis dalli
Ovis ammon
Ovis nivicola
Sheep in History
Science in Sheep Farming
Sheep Farming is No Easy Feat
Types of Domestic Breeds
Breeds for Fine Wool
Breeds for Long Wool
Breeds for Meat
Dairy Breeds

Chapter 2 Biology & Behaviour
Sheep Biology & Appearance
Sheep Behaviour

Chapter 3 Husbandry Practices
1) General Daily Care 
2) Scheduled Practices
Drenching (as required)
Injecting (as required – often twice annually)
Dipping (once a month – depending on seasonal and climatic conditions)
Hoof trimming (once annually)
Shearing and crutching (once a year)
Tail docking (soon after birth)
Castration of lambs
3) Responding to Problems
Ewes and lambs that don’t pair-up after birth
Weeds in the pasture and poisonous plants
Pests and diseases
Breech births and problems during lambing
Administering first aid

Chapter 4 Breeds & Breeding
Breed Types
More about Breed Categories
Breeds for Smaller Properties
Meat and Wool Sheep
Mini Breeds
Milk Sheep
Feeding Sheep
Chapter 5 Overview of Breeds
Further reading and study
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Sheep Breeds- PDF ebook Sheep Breeds- PDF ebook
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