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Sales Skills for Garden Centre Staff

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Are you looking to improve your own sales techniques or those of your sales staff? This 20 hour course is unique to the industry. Written in conjunction with professionals in the field and the Australian Garden Centre Association, it concentrates on the art of selling particular to the garden centre trade. 

Great salespeople are fundamental to every business and garden centres are no exception. Knowing how to deal with customers is more than just a friendly face; sales-staff that understand the fundamentals of customer service and the techniques used to gain sales (along with plant and product knowledge) are set to do well in this business. 

Garden centres trade in a highly competitive environment and great sales staff will also help a business survive and thrive. 

Who should do this course?

Garden centre sales assistants who would like to (or need to) improve their knowledge of sales and sales skills. Many nursery sales assistants are passionate about plants, but lack the necessary sales skills to boost sales.
Small garden centre owners who would like to improve their own sales skills.
Larger garden centres requiring an achievable course for their staff where they know that what is covered has been vetted by the industry.
School leavers wanting to gain a foothold in this business.

Why this course?
It is an achievable online 20 hour course that will extend practical skills in sales.
It has industry input.
It is an accessible course: expands sales skills in a non-intimidating, yet informative way.
It allows the student to progress at their individual pace and also assess their own progress at the end of each lesson through multiple answer test questions and with a larger ‘test’ at the end. 
It encourages pride in selling. 

How Will I benefit?
Learn sales skills: how to open and close sales. 
Learn the importance of plant and product knowledge.
Learn the principles of marketing and marketing techniques and the law and ethics in selling.
Learn the importance of presentation, personality and communication in selling.
Learn how to gain and keep customers and measure sales success.
Become a confident professional in this field.

This is a perfect course to improve your sales skills or those of your sales staff.

What is covered in this course? Here are the lessons:

Lesson 1 Presentation, Personality and Communication in Selling
Personality, Self-Awareness and Attitude
Types of Shoppers
Communication, Active Listening and Conversation Selling
Communicating Confidence
Trends in Garden Centre Customers
Lesson 1 Additional Reading

Lesson 2 Helping the Product Sell Itself
Merchandising and Displays
How Customers Pay
Garden Centre Products and Services
Lesson 2 Additional Reading

Lesson 3 Product Knowledge
What is Product Knowledge?
Knowing your competition
Marketing For Garden Centres and Nurseries
Lesson 3 Additional Reading
Mark Ups in Garden Centres – What to Charge
What is a ‘Reasonable’ Mark Up?

Lesson 4 Selling Made Simple
Introduction - The selling process
Steps in Sales
Using Language to Promote Sales
Creating Logical Sentences
Reduce Confusion in Your Sales Approach

Lesson 5 ‘The Opening’ (Gaining the Customer ’s Attention)
Timing and Opening a Sale

Lesson 6 ‘Closing a Sale ’ (COS)
Add-On Sales/Upselling

Lesson 7 The Law and Selling
Ethics and Selling
Ethics in Sales
Guidelines for Ethical Marketing and Selling

Lesson 8 Gaining and Keeping Customers
Customer Satisfaction
Measuring Success

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Sales Skills for Garden Centre Staff Sales Skills for Garden Centre Staff
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