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This ebook has been developed as a reference tool for the discipline of Psychology. The Psychology Dictionary contains descriptions for common terms used in Psychology. There are many terms used in the area of Psychology alone, that are explained throughout this text. Other terms have been taken from everyday language and used in a different context to describe psychological phenomena.

The Psychology Dictionary can be used to complement studies in Psychology or Counselling, as a resource for the professional, or as a reference for anyone interested in Psychology.


Extract from the book:

basal ganglia- A collection of nuclei, situated at the base of the forebrain. These structures are involved in voluntary motor control, procedural learning, and cognition.
behaviour disorder- A generic term for behaviour that is maladaptive to the extent that it requires treatment from counsellors or therapists.
behaviour- The activities of an organism which can be observed by another organism.
behaviourism- A psychology approach that considers that true understanding of behaviour can only be achieved by studying measurable, observable behaviour.
behaviour therapy- A therapeutic approach that focuses on the behaviour, and strategies to modify the behaviour, rather than on enderlying conflicts or root causes.
belief- The acceptance of an idea or statement as true or real.
bias- A tendency that makes a particular outcome more likely or favourable than another. A lack of fairness.
binding site- The region of the postsynaptic receptor where neurotransmitters or drugs attach and form a chemical bond.
biofeedback- Information about bodily functions from an outside source that is feedback to the organism to modify its functioning.?


Pages: 66
ISBN: 978-0-9871395-5-9



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Psychology Dictionary - PDF ebook Psychology Dictionary - PDF ebook
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