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Psychological Foundations of Sport

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Authors: John M Silva III and Diane E. Stevens
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Pages: 558

Divided into twenty six chapters and ten parts.

The ten parts are:

1. The Evolution of Sport
2. Personality and Performance
3. Motivation and Sport
4. Emotion and Sport Performance
5. Intervention and Performance Enhancement
6. Group Dynamics
7. Aggression in Sport
8. Gender Issues in Sport
9. Psychologuical Aspects of Coaching
10. Psychological Aspects of Youth Sport 

Psychological Foundations of Sport is an up-to-date, integrated study of both the theory and application of psychological dynamics impacting athletes and sport participants at all competitive levels.

This collection of articles is authored by a team of experts who ensure both the currency and the authority of each chapter. The comprehensive text not only addresses traditional areas of sport psychology, such as personality, motivation, and emotion, but also tackles issues often ignored in other texts, such as aggression, talent identification, and women and youth in sport. Students will learn how sport psychology heightened its role in countries like the former Soviet Union and how the application of psychological information can facilitate the performances of individual athletes, teams, and coaches.

  • This collection of 25 authors and 26 essays extends a well-rounded approach to a full range of sport psychology issues.
  • A detailed analysis of the implications of confidence in sport in Chapter 12 engages a topic seldom directly addressed in sport psychology texts.
  • Performance enhancement and intervention is examined in Section V, emphasizing fundamental concerns vital to most students, coaches, and athletes.
  • The hot topic of aggression in sport is taken up in Section VII by leading authorities, including a former NHL coach.
  • Section VIII speaks to gender in sport, focusing the discussion on women athletes too often ignored in traditional sports psychology texts.
  • Section X highlights youth sport and concentrates on the issue of fostering positive experiences for youth participants.

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Psychological Foundations of Sport Psychological Foundations of Sport
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