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Introduction to Food and Nutrition- Short Course

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Understand more about Food & Nutrition with the Introduction to Food and Nutrition short course

This course was designed to help individuals or professionals alike, who have a desire and need to learn as much as possible about human food and nutrition, as quickly as possible.

If time is precious and in short supply, you are not going to find anything better or faster that will give you an all round, balanced understanding of what people should eat to be as fit and healthy as possible.

Learn how better eating can make both your mind and body function closer to peak performance. Change  eating habits for a better life.

Course Contents
There are five lessons in this course as outline below:

Lesson 1 The Digestive System
Nutrition and nutrients
Food pyramid and recommended daily intake (RDI)
Population based nutrient requirements
General health recommendations
Examples of serving size
Understanding the digestive system organs
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 2 Modifying Diet for a Particular Lifestyle or Genetic Disposition
Cultural differences
Genetic considerations
How you eat
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 3 Foods and Their Nutrition
Why do we need to know nutrition in foods?
How to source better food
The impact of food preparation and storage on nutritional value
Review what you have been learning

Lesson 4 Nutrition and Health Disorders
How diet may affect skin
Diet and our bones, joints and muscles
Nutrition and the heart
Diet and the respiratory system
Diet and the urinary system
Diet and the digestive system
Diet and the brain/mental health
Food and psychological wellbeing
Food and respiratory disorders
Food allergy and intolerance
Food and digestive disorders
Diets for specific conditions

Lesson 5 How to Find Reliable Information on Nutrition
Nutritional research
Sources of nutritional information
Conditions requiring dietary advice
Weight loss diets
Nutritional supplementation
Other resources
Determining what a person should eat
Tests to determine what a person should eat or should avoid


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Introduction to Food and Nutrition- Short Course Introduction to Food and Nutrition- Short Course
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