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Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production

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Tomatoes are the most extensively grown hydroponic greenhouse crop. This book is a unique and valuable guide for anyone serious about this subject.

Chapters are:

  1. Background and History of the Tomato
  2. Types of Tomato
  3. Protected Environments for Tomato Production
  4. Tomato Physiology and Development
  5. Hydroponic Systems for Tomato Production
  6. Organic Hydroponic Tomato Production
  7. Commercial Hydroponic Heirloom Tomato Production
  8. Tomato Crop Nutrition
  9. Nutrient Formulation for Tomato Crops
  10. Nutrient Management
  11. Mineral Deficiencies and Toxicities in Tomato Crops
  12. Tomato Propagation
  13. Systems of Production
  14. Vegetative Growth, Flowering, Pollination, Fruit Set and Fruit Growth
  15. Crop Steering
  16. Carbon Dioxide Enrichment, Light, Humidity
  17. Fruit Quality and Flavour
  18. Tomato Crop Pests
  19. Tomato Crop Diseases
  20. Tomato Virus Diseases
  21. Crop Physiological Disorders
  22. Harvesting, Post Harvest, Shelf Life, Storage and Food Safety
  23. Index

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Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production
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