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Hydroponic production of salad crops results in 'year round production of quality greens, free of any contamination and grown and packed under optimum conditions to maximise consumer appeal.

Lettuce crops continue to dominate hydroponic salad production in volume, and this book encompasses all of the most recent developments, scientific findings, and research and grower experience to present the definitive information on hydroponic lettuce production.

As discerning consumers become more sophisticated, the variety and selection of what constitutes a salad becomes broader, and hydroponic salad now encompasses much more than just simple lettuces. Hydroponic Salad Crop Production therefore describes the varieties and production essentials of all currently produced salad and microgreens, while realising this is a market that is sure to evolve.

As hydroponic production becomes more widely accepted and adopted around the world, growers need to consider carefully the different options for system and plant variety in order to produce economic yields. This analysis is carefully presented throughout the book in an easy to understand format.

With contributing authors renowned for their professional involvement in commercial hydroponic production, Hydroponic Salad Crop Production is sure to become a valuable guide for anyone interested in these important crops.

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