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Appropriate for Hospitality Management and Restaurant Management courses within Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management departments.

A competency guide (with examination) which is focused on Management practice and Leadership.  Designed to support a core textbook and provide students with marketable management skills for a career within the Culinary Arts and Foodservice industry.

Introducing the ManageFirst ProgramTM from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF).   This new management training certification program is based on a set of competencies defined by the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry as those needed for success.   This competency-based program includes 12 topics, each with a competency guide, exam, instructor resources and certificate.  Students earn a certification for each exam passed.  The topics and exams are aligned to typical on-campus courses.


This competency guide includes an access code for ON-LINE testing.  A paper/pencil version of the test is also available.


For additional information about the NRAEF ManageFirstTM Program please visit www.prenhall.com/managefirst



Chapter 1        The Dynamics of Leadership in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry

·        Managing in the Restaurant Industry

·        Qualities of a Leader

·        Workplace Ethics

·        Setting the Right Course for Your Organization

·        Kepping Things in Balance

·        Professional Development and Leadership

Chapter 2        Goal Setting in the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry

·        Why Goals Are Important

·        Setting Organizational Goals

·        Writing SMART Goals and Objectives

·        A Process for Achieving Organizational and Departmental Goals

Chapter 3        Communicating Effectively as a Leader and Manager

·        The Importance of Effective Communication

·        The Communiatyion Process Defined

·        Effective Speaking

·        The Importance of Listening

·        The Telephone as a Communication Tool

·        Effective Writing

·        Organizational Communication

Chapter 4        Managing Compensation

·                  Defining Compensation

·                  Establishing Policies and Procedures for Employee Wage and Compensation

·                  Merit Pay Policies and Guidelines

·                  Maintaining Confidentiality of Payroll Information

Chapter 5        Managing Terminations

·        Voluntary Termination

·        Involuntary Terminations

·        Conducting Involuntary Terminations

·        Steps for Managing and Conducting Involuntary Terminations

·        Defending Involuntary Terminations

Chapter 6        Motivation and Employee Development

·        Motivating Employees

·        Building a Positive Work Climate

·        Mutually Respectful Workplace

·        Interpersonal Communication

·        Conflict Resolution

·        Employee Performance Appraisals

·        Delegation

Chapter 7        Win-Win Scheduling Practices

·        Master Schedules

·        Additional Scheduling Considerations

·        Creating the Actual Crew Schedule

·        Backup Strategies for Crew Scheduling

·        Developing and Preparing the Management Schedule

Chapter 8        The Importance of Teamwork in the Foodservice and Hospitality Workplace

·        The Importance of Teamwork in Foodservice

·             Stages of Team Growth

·             Goal Setting with a Team

·             Managing Team-Based Projects

Chapter 9        Dimensions of Problem Solving

·        The Importance of Problem Solving in Daily Activities

·        Developing a Problem-Solving Model

·        Potential Consequences of Improperly Solving a Problem

·        Crisis Management

·        Before a Crisis Strikes

Chapter 10      Planning and Conducting Effective Meeting

·        Why People Dislike Meetings

·        Planning Effective Meetings

·        Conducting Effective Meetings

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