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Horse Sense

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Horse Sense
by Huntington, Myers and Owens
352 pages
Publisher: Landlinks Press
November 2004

Horse Sense provides an in-depth guide to horse care under conditions unique to Australia and New Zealand. It is written in an easy-to-read style to appeal to novices as well as experienced owners and covers all aspects of horse care and management.

This new edition provides the latest information on new feeds and supplements, new techniques for gently breaking in young horses, handling difficult horses, safe riding, and treating injuries, diseases, worms and other pests. The book also incorporates the latest standards and guidelines for the welfare of horses.


  • Illustrated with colour, black & white photographs and line drawings
  • Covers all aspects of horse care and handling
  • Includes advice on buying, selling and leasing horses
  • Gives expert guidance on first aid, health and nutrition
  • Discusses facilities for large and small properties
  • Provides guidelines on transportation and welfare
  • Looks at employment prospects and training in the horse industry

Buying, selling and having a horse
General horse management
Safe handling, riding and training
Describing the horse
Feeding the horse
Horse health
Breeding the horse
Horse facilities
Transporting horses
Working in the horse industry
Appendix 1 Welfare issues covered by Codes of Practice in Victoria, Australia
Appendix 2 Safe riding on the road: Code of Conduct for Horses on Victorian roads
Appendix 3 Tick clearance policy: Queensland, Australia

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Horse Sense Horse Sense
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