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Growing & Using Mushrooms - PDF ebook

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Start a mushroom farm or grow them for home consumption.

This is a great ebook that is useful to both the back yard and commercial producer of edible mushrooms – covering all the basic fundamentals. Written by John Mason and staff at ACS, this book has brought together information and resources collected by our staff over more than 25 years of operating our mushroom production home study course. We have included a lot of information that our students have often found difficult to find. Information about mushroom spawn production and mushroom diseases, for instance, has not been published widely. These and other aspects of mushroom growing are all brought together in the one place, in this book.

Although it focuses on the most commonly grown mushroom Agaricus bisporus (button mushroom or champignon) and its various strains, (which accounts for around 36-40% of mushrooms produced and consumed worldwide) the knowledge acquired from this book may be applied to the cultivation of many other species of edible fungi. 

93 pages




Chapter 1.  Nature and Scope of Mushroom Production
Nature of Mushroom Growing
Nutritional Value of Mushrooms
The Science
Other Types of Edible Mushrooms
Typical Mushroom Growing Procedure

Chapter 2.  Spawn Production
The Agaricus Genus
Stages of Maturity
Other Agaricus Species
Agaricus Bisporus Strains
Selecting Strains
Starting Out: A Note on Sterilisation
Spawn Manufacture
Spore Culture
Multi-spore and Mono-spore Cultures
Preparing Spore Cultures
Tissue Culture
Mycelium Transfer
Spawn Disorders

Chapter 3.  Compost Production
Preparing the Substrate for Spawning
Materials used for Composting
Phases of Compost Making

Chapter 4.   Structures and Environment Control
Growing Structures
Selecting a Site
Choosing a Structure
Environmental Control

Chapter 5.  Growing Methods
Choosing Methods
Different Growing Systems

Chapter 6.   Mushroom Health: Pest and Disease Control
Pests and Diseases
Virus Diseases
Bacterial Diseases
Other Health Problems
Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Chemical Controls

Chapter 7.   Harvesting, Processing and Storage
Harvesting Conditions
When to Harvest Mushrooms
Storage Disorders

Chapter 8.  Using Mushrooms
Edible Uses of Mushrooms
Potential Health Risks of Consuming Mushrooms and Contraindications
Health Benefits of Mushrooms
Foods Using Mushrooms or other Fungi
Preserving Mushrooms
Mushroom Recipes
Other Uses of Mushrooms




Read the review on the ebook Growing and Using Mushrooms written by Tracey Bool and published in the Canberra Weekly in 2017 here.

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Growing & Using Mushrooms - PDF ebook Growing & Using Mushrooms - PDF ebook
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