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Fuchsias are one of the most popular plants grown with their striking and unmistakable nodding, and often bicoloured, flowers. There are approximately 100 species, mostly from temperate areas, and more than 15,000 hybrids and varieties. They vary from small trees to shrubs and cascading ground covering plants.

Fuchsias are widely cultivated garden plants across much of the developed world. Their popularity seems to be cyclical, going through periods of greater and lesser popularity, as new generations of gardeners discover their attributes.

Whilst they seemed to lose some popularity towards the end of the twentieth century, these 19th century favourites are once again charming gardeners with their elegant two-tone flowers that can brighten up any garden.

For the fuchsia enthusiast, this ebook may help to develop a better perspective and fill in some elusive gaps in their understanding of the genus. For the amateur or beginner, it will provide a foundation upon which to build knowledge and understanding as they explore the possibilities of growing fuchsias in their own gardens.

The Growing and Knowing ebook has 124 pages and so many wonderful colour pictures of the many varieties of fuchsias.

This ebook covers the following topics:

The resurgence of a garden classic
History of the fuchsia
Fuchsia relatives
Botanical characteristics
Triphylla hybrids
Single or double flowers
Describing fuchsias
Australian native fuchsias

Environmental conditions
Care & maintenance
Possible problems
Different ways to grow fuchsias
Descriptive naming

Classification of fuchsias
Fuchsia species
F. andrei
F. apetala (syn. F. hirstua, F. macrantha, F. unduavensis)
F. arborescens (syn. F. syringiflora)
F. austromontana (syn F. serratifolia)
F. autumnalis
F. ayavacensis (syn F. ampliata)
F. bacillaris
F. bohnstedtii
F. boliviana
F. bracelinea
F. brevilobis
F. campii
F. compos-portoi
F. carnea
F. cinnabarina (syn. F. reflexa)
F. cinerea
F. coccinea (syn. F. elegans, F. montana, F. pendula, F. pubescens)
F. colensoi
F. conica (syn F. magellanica)
F. corallina (syn. F. exoniensis)
F. cordifolia
F. corymbifolia (syn. F. dependens, F. macropetala, F. volitina)
F. crassistipula
F. cyrtrandroides (syn F. voluntina)
F. decuda
F. decussata (syn. F. fontinalis, F. fusea, F. scandens)
F. denticulata (syn. F. serratifolia)
F. dependens (sunset fuchsia)
F. discolor (syn. F. magellanica)
F. encliandra
F. erecta
F. excorticata
F. fulgens
F. furfuracea
F. gehrigeri
F. glaberrima
F. glazioviana
F. globosa
F. gracilis (syn F. magellanica var. Macrostema)
F. hartwegii
F. hatschbachii
F. hemsleyana
F. hostii
F. inflata
F. insignis (syn. F. apetala)
F. integrifolia (syn. F. regia)
F. jimenezii
F. juntasensis
F. lehmannii
F. leptopoda
F. llewelynii
F. longiflora (syn. F. macrostigma)
F. loxensis (syn. F. apiculata, F. umbrosia)
F. lycioides (syn. F. rosea, F. spinosa)
F. macrantha
F. macrophylla
F. macrostema
F. macrostigma
F. magdalenae
F. magellanica
F. mathewsii
F. microphylla
F. minima
F. minimiflora
F. minutiflora
F. monstrosa
F. nigricans (syn. F. sylvatica)
F. orientalis
F. pachyrrhiza
F. pallescens
F. paniculata
F. parviflora (syn. F. encliandra, F. thymifolia)
F. perscandens
F. petiolaris (syn. F. curviflora, F. quinquensis)
F. pilaloensis
F. pilosa
F. polyantha
F. pringlei
F. pringsheimii
F. procumbens
F. prostrata (syn. F. procumbens)
F. pumila
F. putumayensis
F. ravenii
F. recurva
F. reflexa
F. regia
F. riccartonii
F. rosea (syn. F. lycioides)
F. sanctae-rosae
F. scabriuscula
F. scandens (syn. F. decussata)
F. scherffiana
F. sessiliflora
F. serratifolia (syn F. denticulate)
F. simplicicaulis
F. speciosa
F. spinosa (syn. F. lycioides)
F. spectabilis (syn. F. macrostigma)
F. splendens
F. steyermarkii
F. storkii
F. striolata
F. summa
F. sylvatica (syn. F. atrotuba, F. nigricans)
F. syringiflora (syn. F. arborescens)
F. tasconiflora (syn. F. demticulata)
F. tenella (syn. F. magellanica)
F. thompsonii
F. thymifolia (syn. F. alternans, F. ovate, f.Parviflora)
F. tillettiana
F. triphylla
F. tuberosa
F. vargasiana
F. venusta
F. verrucosa
F. vulcanica
F. woytkowskii
F. wurdackii

F. ‘Adrienne’
F. ‘Annie Earle’
F. ‘Annie M.g.schmidt’
F. ‘Army Nurse’
F. ‘Baby Bright’
F. ‘Barbara’
F. ‘Beacon’
F. ‘Bernisser Hardy’
F. ‘Billy Green’
F. ‘Blacky’ (Syn. ‘Roesse Blacky’)
F. ‘Blazeaway’
F. ‘Blue Smoke’
F. ‘Border Queen’
F. ‘Cecile’
F. ‘Chang’
F. ‘Claudia’
F. ‘Cloth Of Gold’
F. ‘Coachman’
F. Coralle (syn. F. koralle)
F. ‘Delta’s Sarah’
F. ‘Devonshire’
F. ‘Donald Charles’
F. ‘Dorothy Hanley’
F. ‘Dying Embers’
F. ‘Firecracker’
F. ‘Garden News’
F. ‘Harry Gray’
F. ‘Hawkshead’
F. ‘Helen Fahey’
F. ‘Hermiena’
F. ‘Jack Stanway’
F. ‘Joan Lilley’
F. ‘Lady Bacon’
F. ‘Lambada’
F. ‘Laura’
F. ‘Lauren’
F. ‘Leonora’
F. ‘Lilian Annetts’
F. ‘Lord Lonsdale’
F. ‘Lye’s Unique’
F. ‘Machu Pichu’
F. magellanica var. Gracilis ‘variegata’ (syn. F. magellanica ‘variegata’)
F. ‘Mieke Meursing’
F. ‘Monica May’
F. ‘Nice ‘n’ Easy’
F. ‘Nicki’s Findling’ (syn. F. nici’s findling, F. nicci’s findling)
F. ‘Patio Princess’
F. ‘Paula Jane’
F. ‘Pink Ballet Girl’
F. ‘Pink Fantasia’
F. ‘Pinto De Blue’
F. ‘Raf’
F. ‘Red Jacket’
F. ‘Rivendell’
F. ‘Roos Breytenbach’ (syn. F. roosbreytenbach)
F. ‘Rose of Denmark’
F. ‘Roualeyns White Gold’
F. ‘Rough Silk’
F. ‘Salmon Cascade’
F. ‘Saturnus’
F. ‘Sealand Prince’
F. ‘Snowcap’
F. ‘Thalia’
F. ‘Thamar’
F. ‘Time After Time’
F. ‘Tom Thumb’
F. ‘Tom West’
F. ‘Turkish Delight’
F. ‘Velvet Crush’
F. ‘Vera Annie’
F. ‘Voodoo’
F. ‘Wapenveld’s Bloei’
F. ‘Weald View Garnet’
F. ‘Weald View Ruby’
F. ‘Whiteknights’
F. ‘Wigan Peer’ (syn. F. ‘Wigan pier’)
F. ‘Wilson’s Sugar Pink’
F. ‘Wonder Violet’


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Growing & Knowing Fuchsias- pdf ebook Growing & Knowing Fuchsias- pdf ebook
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