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Photographic Techniques and Effects - PDF ebook

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The Photographic Techniques and Effects ebook is a great way to improve your photography technique and learn how to take fantastic photos.

Photography is a creative activity – by many it is considered an art. To produce great photographs, a photographer needs an artistic eye; an ability to see things differently to others, to see artistic potential in common things. All great photos, irrelevant of the subject, will have artistic merit. A good photographer however will also understand when it is appropriate to use artistic license, and to what extent to use it, and when it is not needed or appropriate.

This 91 page ebook is intended to help you understand and develop a unique and  successful approach to photography; in effect to help create a “style of your own”.

ISBN: 978-0-9874834-7-8

Pages: 91

Images: 140


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Style and creativity
Aspects of style
Basics of good photography

Chapter 2 candid or contrived photography

Chapter 3 Using colour
Colour rules
Using the colour wheel
Understanding light

Chapter 4 Photography in: the dark, at sunrise or sunset , indoor, or at night.
The moon
Bracketing and HDR photography

Chapter 5 People photography
Early portrait photography
Photo journalism vs portraiture
Types of light source

Chapter 6 Legalities
Check your right to take photos
The use or publication of photographs

Chapter 7 Photographing places
Buildings/architectural photography

Chapter 8 Sport photography

Chapter 9 The natural world – plants and animals
Photographing plants
Photographing animals
Risk management in nature photography

Chapter 10 Photographing things
Commercial photography

Chapter 11 Photographing water

Chapter 12 Extraordinary off-beat photography
Illusion photography
Abstract photography

Chapter 13 Camera techniques
Depth of field or focus
Using filters for landscapes

Chapter 14 Special effects – manipulation
Multiple exposures
Processing photos

Chapter 15 Being a successful photographer
Finding opportunities
Ability to impress
Where can you sell your services?
Willingness to adapt
Typical job profile of a photographer
How to become a photographer



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Photographic Techniques and Effects - PDF ebook Photographic Techniques and Effects - PDF ebook
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