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Animal Health - PDF ebook

Picture of Animal Health - PDF ebook
Is your animal sick? What do you do? This handy resource is for anyone that looks after animals - from pet owners to farmers. Learn how to recognise when animals are ill, and how to prevent them becoming ill. Covering a wide range of common maladies.


Animal Psychology- PDF Ebook

Picture of Animal Psychology- PDF Ebook
'Animal Psychology- Comparing the Psychology of Different Animals' provides an insight into the mind of domesticated and wild animals and helps people understand and manage animal behaviour.


Caring for Dogs - PDF ebook

Picture of Caring for Dogs - PDF ebook
Dogs - Man's best friend... but are you being your dog's best frien? Do you know everything you need to know about caring for your dog? Learn how in this ebook. Contents cover Breeds, Creating a healthy home for dogs, legal issues, dog biology, recognising poor health, parasites, illnesses, nutrition, reproduction, dog psychology, behavioural development, training tips, behaviour problems, grooming, working in the dog industry, and more. This is a book for dog owners, students and anyone interested in working with dogs. 79 pages, 71 colour photos.


Horse Care - PDF ebook

Picture of Horse Care - PDF ebook
This book is an accumulation of information from biology, agricultural science and veterinary medicine. It looks to explore and explain the fundamentals of appropriate horse care aims and techniques. In doing so it will consider horsemanship as a combination of art and science.


Livestock Management Handbook 3rd Ed.

Picture of Livestock Management Handbook 3rd Ed.
by Richard A. BattagliaThe book describes in detail the skills and techniques needed by those who manage livestock .


Marine Animals - PDF ebook

Picture of Marine Animals - PDF ebook
With colour photos splashed throughout, this Marine Animals e-book is designed to provide a guide for some of the more common animals found in marine ecosystems around the world. Learn about the creatures hidden by the other 70% of the earth's surface. Explore more...


Poultry - PDF ebook

Picture of Poultry - PDF ebook
Poultry are entertaining as pets and life sustaining as a commercial product! Whether you are seeking a book as a beginner poultry keeper or if you are embarking on a new career in poultry production or management, this book is for you. Easy to read, easy to understand and packed with easy to implement practical advice. Know how to care for the health and wellbeing of poultry and make production a commercially viable enterprise.


The Complete Book of Raising Livestock and Poultry

Picture of The Complete Book of Raising Livestock and Poultry
Whether you are thinking of keeping a few chickens, or interested in a self-sufficient lifestyle this book will answer all your questions.


The Tropical Agriculturalist - Animal Health: Volume 1 General Principles

Picture of The Tropical Agriculturalist - Animal Health: Volume 1 General Principles
Animal Health Volume 1 explains the causes of animal diseases, how they are spread and the means available for their control.


Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners

Picture of Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners
CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE This book makes a handy all-in-one health care and management guide for anyone who keeps pets and livestock, large and small.


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